David Cuddis

Founder and Specialist consultant

In the 1970’s Hair Transplantation was in its infancy in Europe. David was one of the first people in the United Kingdom to recognise the potential of this new and exciting treatment. Millions of men (and women) around the world would have the opportunity of replacing hair into areas which had lost their crowning glory. In no time he was off the United States of America where he spent time observing Dr. Norman Orentreich, the pioneer of Hair Transplant Surgery, carry out this remarkable treatment.
    With the assistance of three of Dr. orentreich’s nurses David opened a clinic in Brighton in the late 1970’s. David was smitten, his future was decided. The clinic was an immediate success, and after several years moved to the West End of London.
    During this time David was instrumental in opening clinics in Switzerland, Denmark and Norway, and training surgeons in the “Art of Hair Transplantation”.
    In 1989 David opened a new clinic in the prestigious Medical and Pharmaceutical store John Bell and Croydon in London’s Wigmore Street close to Harley Street. Thus “THE HAIR CLINIC” was born and has remained there for 30 years..
    The Hair Clinic at John Bell and Croydon is a testament to David, who has spent half his life in the pursuit of perfection in the field of Hair Transplantation Surgery.
      Now David acts in an advisory capacity in The Hair Clinic.