A no obligation, consultation lasts approximately 45 minutes. At The Hair Clinic we pride ourselves on giving the best and fullest advise possible. Therefore, our consultations are thorough ensuring you have the correct treatment plan and a full understanding of what that entails allowing you to make a sensible decision on whether a hair transplant or other treatment options (such as prescribed drugs) are right for you.

During the consultation a medical history is taken, your hair and scalp is examined and the various treatments, including hair transplants are described. A detailed description of how a hair transplant is carried out is given, this will include: an explanation of how you will look immediately after the hair transplant, how long the hair will take to grow, you will be shown before and after photographs of past patients, and prices will be discussed. You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions, which we will answer.

Should you be considering going ahead with a hair transplant we will arrange for you to meet the Hair Transplant Surgeon in person, where possible on the same day. During this meeting you will have an opportunity to ask the Hair Transplant Surgeon directly any further questions you may have.

At The Hair Clinic you can be assured of a friendly welcome, an understanding and honest assessment and our total commitment to help you find an answer to your problem.

A Trichological Consultation

At The Hair Clinic we have specialists in all fields of hair loss treatment, enabling us to give you the fullest advice on what treatments are available. To ensure we do this all our consultations are given adequate time to diagnosis the condition and explain the option. Therefore, a trichological consultation will take half an hour. [The age range for trichological treatment, for both medically prescribed and natural based products, is sixteen and over with no upper age limit.]

During this time our Trichologist will ask you about various factors including: your health history, your medication intake, your stress levels, your diet habits, your hair care routine and your family hair history. Your symptoms of hair loss and/or scalp problem will be noted.

A close examination of your hair and scalp will then take place. High magnification is used so that it is clear to see if hair follicles are alive and active or have been damaged. Also, the diameter of the hair shafts will be assessed under high magnification and your scalp will be illuminated to aid diagnosis of any scalp problems.

A diagnosis is usually reached on your first visit and how your hair and/or scalp problem occurred will be discussed with you in full. Trichological treatment recommendations will be made on the day and can be purchased straight away if you wish.

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